Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Kumihimo Shopping Spree

I went on an online Kumhimo shopping spree last week and purchases have been coming in almost every day this week.  I think I bought 8 books, and some other things.  Here's what I've received so far...
 Kumihimo Wire Jewelry by Giovanna Imperia - Haven't tried wire yet.  In future plans.
Creative Kumihimo by Jacqui Carey - This book has graphs that I can xerox and color.
Braiding for Beaders 2nd Edition by Anne Dilker - This book for the basic 8 cord design.  It shows color set-ups and actual braids.  It also has a tutorial for making beaded tassels.  This looks to be a good book to work with.

I won a bid on Ebay for 200 silver end clips for flat braids.  I bid $6.50.  The bonus of winning was I only had to pay $3.25, shipping included.

Finally received my satin cord I won for a penny on ebay.  The only bad thing - it took over a month to get it.   Coming from China.

I received some bobbins I bought on Amazon, 2 sizes.  I like working with the bobbins    And I received my lucet.  Gonna take a little work to get the tension correct on it.  But I will work on it.

Well, that's all for now. Will be sitting on my front steps waiting for the postman/woman to bring me more fun Kumihimo stuff.  Man, I do love Kumihimo!!!!

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