Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2 Spiral Ridge Designs

Hi again,

The picture below shows two (2) braids using the spiral ridge design.  They both use 12 cords but different movements.  I wish you could really see the difference more clearly.

You can find the pink-purple-white one on Youtube. Search Kumihimo spiral rigde.
The teal and brown on is from a design in the book, "Kumihimo Wire Jewelry", by
Giovanna Imperia.  You can find it on page 29.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kumihimo and Crocheting

Hi everybody,
I'm kinda back.  Still have some crocheting and quilting projects going.  But I was able to do a little Kumihimo.  The picture below is a braid from Helen Deighan's "Beautiful Braiding Made Easy".
It's her 9-cord "Hollow Braid with No Counting".  It may not involve any counting but you do have to be careful to move the correct cord or your design will be totally screwed.  I'll post a picture of the one I'm talking about when I get my bag from my sister.  I accidently left it in her car.  This braid movements remind me of weaving a basket.  Will be one of my favorite.  My next braid will be to put my magatamas to work.

For the past two Fridays, I taught another Kumihimo class at the senior activity center I attend.   I taught the spiral rigde design this time.  The first Friday I taught the basic design and everyone made keyrings.  Last Friday we worked on bracelets.   I hope to take some pictures to post and show this Friday. 

True to my word, I am posting some of my other projects that I'm involved with.  Here are some pix of the granny squares I'm crocheting for a granny swap.   I have 8 more to go.  Should be finished with them tomorrow then it's on to making 3 quilt blocks for a birthday swap.

 I love crocheting granny squares and ripples.  So many colors can be added and mixed together.  Guess that's another reason I love Kumihimo so much.