Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just wanted to show you 2 of the braid designs I worked on this week. 

The first is a braid from "More Braids on Cards" by Shirley Berlin.  It is called "Spiral Straw-Plaiting Braid" (page 16).  It uses 16 cords.  This is the first 16 cord braid I've done.  I didn't think I'd like a thick braid, but once I started braiding this one, I really liked it.  It's one of the easiest braids I've done...  Move one cord, quarter turn, repeat.

You can braid this design with or without a cord.  I did it without.  It gave me a sort of square look and feel to it.  Very interesting.

The next one came from "Beautiful Braiding Made Easy - Using Kumihimo Disks and Plates" by Helen Deighan.  Page 18 shows you the "Hollow Braid With No Counting.  This is a 9 cord pattern and another easy one to braid.

I hope to have more designs done to post next week, maybe sooner...

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