Friday, October 21, 2011

My Start with Kumihimo

Hi Everybody!

I'm Garnie,  I was introduced to the art of Kumihimo in July 2011.  A friend was wearing a necklace that looked very much like bead crochet.  I had worked on bead crochet for about a year.  When she told me it was Kumihimo, I was intrigued.  I wasted no time in doing a web and Youtube search to find all I could about this newly found craft.  After doing my research and making my first bracelet  using a homemade cardboard disk and some crochet yarn, I was totally hooked and in love!

Since then I have not put my disk down.  It goes everywhere I go.  I love that convenience.  I can even take it on plane trips.  I use a pair of nail clippers to cut my cords.  Within a week of learning, I taught Kumihimo to 30 children and adults ranging in age from 8 - 80 at Vacation Bible School and my senior activity center jewelry class (the 80 year old was the pastor's mother). 

I now keep a few homemade kits with me, the cardboard disk, some crochet yarn, an easy to follow instruction sheet and my business card.  I teach the  7 cord braid with the kit.  If they show interest in want to learn more, I tell them to call me to set up an appointment.  They will purchase a form disk and the satin cord for more classes.

And that's the start of a new love in my quest for creativity.  I have used satin cord, crochet yarn, hemp, ribbon, and anything I can find to braid.  I will be posting more pictures as time goes on.  The pictures below shows some of my work and a few of the tools I used when I first started.   I hope you will enjoy my pieces and my blog.


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