Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hi Everybody,

Well, I'm back in action and ready to work.  Let me tell you what has been going on since my last post.

I finally got a camera so I can take more quality pictures.  This one has a zoom lense so I can take closeups of my work.  I'm still learning to use it.  I tell you, the instruction booklet they give you aren't worth the paper they are printed on.  They don't tell you too much of anything that you really need to know.  So it's a hands-on, take your chance, learn as you go process.  But I'm getting there.

I finally turned in my application for the Mable House Christmas Shoppe.  I will probably know if I am accepted after August 15.  I plan on making Kumihimo pieces along with bracelets using the St. Petersburg and Flat Spiral stitches.  My jewelry instructor and friend, Anne King, says I have a very good chance of being chosen for the shoppe.  She is a veteran jewelry maker and a really good friend.  And I cherish her advice and words of wisdom.  Thank you, Anne.

Here are a few photos of some of the work I've been doing.  I know it's not much .  I have also been dealing with some medical issues but I'm not going to burden you with thoses.  All Kumihimo pieces are made using 1.5mm satin cord from and

This necklace and earring set was made using dark grey pearls and long gunmetal magatamas.  The ends were folded and wrapped to form loops.  I used leather cords for the necklace and made the earwires by wrapping  scrap pieces of 20g half hard silver wire around the handle of a pair of needle nose pliers.  Hold on to your scraps.  They do come in handy.
This necklace was made using turquoise and coral satin cord and long crystal AB magatamas. In the close-up you can see the placement of the magatamas.  I like to use beads in a way so you can see the actual braid.  In the second close-up, I used 5 beads instead of 1.  This method created the cluster effect.  This piece was entered in the Darnell Senior Activity Center's first Artist Walk.  No prizes, just showcasing.


This was started as a 16-cord braid that was split in half, both halves braided separately and finished with 16-cords.  Make sure that before you split the cords in half, write down the color placement so they can be placed in the same slits to finish the braid evenly.  Made with coral and emerald green satin cord - 1.5mm

Turquoise satin cording and Fun Yarn.  Focal piece was purchased from FireMountain Gems.  Always check their discount section.  I got this one for $1.50.

Can't remember where I got these beads.  I think the gold beads are Toho Triangles I bought some time back from Michaels.

These are the beadweaving pieces I made.  The rainbow, white and gold bracelet is a St. Petersburg chain stitch.  The white and crystal bracelet is a Flat Spiral stitch.  Check out the close-ups.  The toggle on the white piece was handcrafted.  I like finding beaded bezel designs and using them as toggles.  You do have to add a few coats of Future Floor Polish to help make it stiff.  The toggle bar was peyoted and zipped closed.  I added a headpin to the center with a crystal as each end.  Use pliers to bend and flatten ends or use needle nose plies to make a loop on each end.  Use your imagination.

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